The Use Of The Brand (Trademark)

"Smadav", "Smadav Antivirus 2018", "Free," "Smadav Pro 2018", and included the logo is a registered trademark of the Smadav Software (Smadsoft). parties have registered Rights Brand Smadav as intellectual property rights (INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY) to the Directorate General of intellectual property, which is listed by the name of the founder of the Smadav. Nafarin Zainuddin, s. Kom.

If the parties ask us to eliminate the use of the brand, trademark, or logo of our website We are ready to accept the request.

Use Of The Website

1. we notify the official website to the user, as well as share files free version for users.
2. you do not copy the content/content on the website without first requesting our permission by email.
3. Website not a frame (frame part) from other website

Share Download Smadav

We distribute file download Smadav on website, using the link from the website, provided comply with the provisions of the parties with answers as follows:
  1. We do not add or change the contents of the installation package, Smadav. If we share files free, Smadav.
  2. We do not reduce the Antivirus Smadav download file names as possible at
  3. We share the download link that is already available in on the website
  4. We have explained that the website is not the official website of Smadav and just tag along share Smadav for free. is a company making software registered in Palangkaraya, Indonesia.
Our Office is located at: Jalan Raden Saleh's parent 1, Palangkaraya, Indonesia. Zip code 73111
Phone/mobile: 085751348580

Official Website: